Jeep Tours & Rentals

Colorado Jeep Tours & Rentals

Some out of the way areas absolutely beg to be explored by means of a four-wheel drive vehicle, and just so you don’t miss any of those getaways, Colorado has hundreds of Jeep tour operations and also rentals for self-guided tours.

Among the most popular tours is the Royal Gorge region in south-central Colorado. Not only will you see the breathtaking breadth and depth of the Gorge, but you’ll also marvel at vistas in every direction – the Continental Divide to the west and north as it S-curves its way up Colorado; the Gold Belt Tour through Cripple Creek and Victor; and the history and geology that that include Wild West and prehistoric relics.

Virtually every area of the state offers four-wheel tours, giving you the chance to get off the beaten track wherever you find yourself in Colorado.