Historical Sites

Historical Sites in Colorado

Colorado is definitely not short in the history department, with significant sites from corner to corner of our square-shaped state.

Southeast Colorado has Bent’s Old Fort, the original built in 1833 to trade with Plains Indians and trappers along the Santa Fe Trail. North of Denver is the Lindenmeier Site, an extensive Folsom culture campsite yet found with artifacts dating from approximately 11200 BC to 3000 BC. Southwest in the Four Corners is Mesa Verde National Park, which holds ruins of homes and villages built by the ancient Pueblo people.  Northwest is Dinosaur National Monument, with fossils from the Jurassic Period some 150 million years old. The mountains of course are testament to the fabulous Gold and Silver Rushes – and Native Americans once inhabited every part of this great state.

No matter where you are at any given moment, you’re in a historically prominent spot. Rejoice!