Health & Wellness

Colorado Health & Wellness

Colorado consistently ranks in the top-10 healthiest states in the nation, and there are several good reasons. First, we take fitness seriously and have elevated outdoor activities to an art form. If it’s something that can be done inside but is far more fun outside, you’ll find us doing it outside.

We also have good health care. University hospitals, private hospitals and dedicated physicians and other health care professionals provide us with personalized treatment. We have a number of research and treatment facilities, including Alsac-St. Jude Children’s in the Denver area, University of Colorado Health Research, AMC Cancer Research, Children’s Hospital, Craig Rehabilitation Hospital and many treatment centers for smoking cessation, addiction and substance abuse.

The state also has scores of urgent care centers for emergency treatment.

When you work hard and play hard, you also have learn to relax and recover. Here are some of our best ways to do just that. 

Visiting a spa for a massage, a float studio to rejuvenate sore muscles, or any other of the local wellness businesses centered on making the body happy and health. 

If you have some more energy to expend, or if the weather outside is frightful, get a workout in at a recreation center, followed by a dip in the pool or hot tub.