Education in Colorado

In addition to a good public school system, Colorado has a number of charter schools for primary and secondary students, and homeschooling is popular here as well. Trade schools for industrial careers and for information technology are numerous – and aspiring artists and artistes can learn their crafts at various academies across the state. Culinary arts are also quite popular – and in addition to specialized schools for cooking, chefs-in-the-making can study at two- and four-year colleges, too.

Colleges and universities are world-renowned. CU Boulder ranks high for a variety of reasons; the University of Denver is a well-respected liberal arts school. For agriculture there is Colorado State and Western State, and many other institutes of higher learning are found across the Centennial State. Naropa University in Boulder was founded by a Tibetan monk in 1974. Colorado Mountain College has centers in 11 of our mountain communities. And there are faith-based colleges that train individuals for the clergy or other denominational or non-denominational service. No shortage of learning opportunities, regardless of which direction one’s life may go.