Colorado ATV Tours

Like to see the backcountry on an ATV?  We have just the ticket, with certified guides providing tours that cover varied and challenging terrain, from the Arkansas Valley floor to trails that hit elevations of 9,100 feet above sea level.


Favorite Colorado ATV Locations

With 11 National Forests and 8.3 million acres of public land (BLM) there is plenty of space to explore via ATV. Please keep in mind that these public forests and lands do have rules. It's best to read up on how to use these lands before jumping in. The US Forst Service rules are different than BLM rules. Please educate yourself about both.

Ouray Colorado is a favorite off-road destination and features 100s of miles of historical mining roads. This town has a vibrant community of ATV and Jeep enthusiasts. Bring your own vehicle or sign up for an off-road tour. Guided tours, especially for newbies, is the best way to go as these routes require skilled off-road drivers. When in Ouray check out the variety of natural hot springs that this area is also renowned for.

The Royal Gorge region has miles and miles of off-road trails too. There are many guided ATV tour companies in the area to choose from, plus plenty of other attractions like the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. The Royal Gorge region is located close to the front range and easily accessible from Colorado Springs or Pueblo.

BLM areas are amazing places for off-road exploration. Some of the largest acres of BLM are found in NW Colorado and on the western slope of Colorado. However, unlike Ouray or the Royal Gorge region, most of these western slope BLM areas don't have guided tour companies located nearby or even quaint mountain towns to hang out in. For the most part, you are on your own when venturing off into these areas.